Raja Ampat : Largest Marine Park in Indonesia

Friday, April 20, 2012

This is the beauty of Raja Ampat's fame began. Consisting of 1500 islands and the atoll, as well as the four major islands, Raja Ampat coral reefs keep most comprehensive in the world. Not to mention its waters. With glass-clear water, from a cliff with a height of 100 meters, the fish can be seen clearly below.

Raja Ampat became home to many species of birds of paradise, maleo, parrots, cockatoos and a variety of orchids. 

Raja Ampat is one of the districts in the province of West Papua, Indonesia. Capital city is located in Waisai.

This district has 610 islands. Four of them, namely Pulau Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, the larger islands. Of the whole island is only 35 islands are inhabited while the islands are uninhabited and mostly do not have a name.

As the islands, the only inter-island transportation and supporting community activities Raja Ampat is the ocean freight. Similarly to reach Waisai, the district capital. When using the aircraft, first to the city of Sorong. After that, the trip from Sorong to Waisai followed by sea transport. Facilities available are fast boats with a capacity of 10, 15 or 30 people. At a cost of about Rp. 2 million, Waisai can be reached within 1.5 to 2 hours.

Diving is a favorite activity for those who go to the largest marine park in Indonesia. Look at the pictures of the beauty of Raja Ampat below:

Source : yahoo.com

Best Tour Asia : Highway 6 With a Beautiful Landscape in Asia

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Although most of Asia consists of an archipelago and a few densely populated major city, there are places that can accommodate your desire to step on the gas pedal cars deep. These are some of the most beautiful places in Asia to drive and enjoy the freedom of the streets. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you feel the wind blowing on the face exposed to the sun. And do not forget, bring a list of your favorite songs to accompany all the way!

Photo credits - Shermeee

Great Ocean Road - Australia

Only a stone's throw from Melbourne, you can find the Great Ocean Road. Road along the 151 miles (243 km) along the southern coast of Australia to connect. This is one of the world's favorite location to watch the sunset, especially if you are near the 12 Apostles (Apostle), lined astonishing limestone rubble. Do not miss the helicopter sightseeing tours along the coast if the weather support, and some discount stores in Torquay surf gear. There are also walking in a forest area near the store Lorne breathtaking waterfalls. And there are some 'entrance' to the last rainforests in Australia, Great Otway National Park.

Photo credits - wikipedia.org

The canal path-Vietnam Hai Van

Van Hai canal, on the 1A route between Hue and Hoian, is claimed as "a ribbon of perfection ... one of the best beaches in the world's roads." O means the cloud sea, and indeed the surrounding hills are often shrouded in fog. This route has an alternative pathway, Hai Van Tunnel. For many drivers, this is a difficult path, so be warned before trying it yourself! But with views of green hills, the sparkling sea, and mountain peaks, is a very beautiful place.

Photo credits - N-i-b-i

Osado pathway Skyline - Sado Island, Japan

Over the years, Sado Island has become a refuge of political rebels, but the tourists come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility. With a population of 70 thousand people, there is room to relax while enjoying relief asrinya Osado mountains, sea cliffs, and small villages. Hiking are very popular activities on the island, but do not miss the street along the 155 miles (250 km) that you can explore. The best view you can see when passing through the intersection line between the mountains and Mount Kinpoku Osado, the highest peak of this island. Be sure to stop at the point Hakuundai; do not forget, this road will be closed in winter (November-April).

Photo credits - Tingting Sullivan

Pathway Northeast Phuket - Thailand

Escape from the bustling Phuket, there are several paths you can go through to see the countryside. One is the path Mission Mills, while the other is the curve of popular Phuket Northeast. First it was the monument, the Fighters and around the east coast of the island. There are stunning views of Phang-nga Bay and you'll find plenty of fishing villages along the way that invites you to enjoy seafood. Do not forget to also look at the statue of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha.

Photo credits - isafrancesca

Halsema Highway - Philippines

If you want to reach the highest peak on the highway system of the Philippines, just to the Halsema Highway linking Baguio and Sagada. The name is taken from the highway engineers who are able to build a road through the mountains. In addition to views of farms and vegetable gardens, you can also see a variety of unique objects. Unique moment when you see a lot of these villages are set up monuments to their biggest export, vegetables. Make sure you stop to take pictures at the statue of potatoes, carrots statue, and so on. Only in Asia ...

Photo credits - geoftheref

From Twizel to Mount Cook - New Zealand

The water was never seen more blue and surreal than in the middle of Lake Pukaki in the South Island, New Zealand. The road along the 39 miles (63 km) from Lake Pukaki Twizel past that seemed without end, ending at Mount Cook Village, where you can see the snowy peak of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest point. In this village you can choose hiking or enjoy a tour of Lake Pukaki. You can also drive to explore the many paths in this area, but Mount Cook had a lot of charm.

Travel Tips

Was no need to explain again: before you leave, make sure you know the rules that apply in the countries you visit. In some states, you may need an additional license. If you do not speak the local language, carry guide contains the phrases most often used for reference.

And of course - Drive safely. Many countries famous for its carelessness driving how people (not just a phenomenon limited to Asia), so be careful.

Source : yahoo.com, wikipedia.org

Best Tour Oceania : Hawaii is the beauty of heaven on earth

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hawaii is a state of the United States. Hawaii was discovered by James Cook, an English explorer on January 10, 1778. Native of the Hawaiian Islands is a Polynesian tribe. King Kamehameha I who was born in 1758, is a great king who had dominion over the Hawaiian Islands around 1810. Kamehameha dynasty continued by his descendants until Kamehameha V​​, who died on December 11, 1872, which is the last successor of Kamehameha dynasty.

History of Hawaii was routed by the leadership of several big names such as Kamehameha family relatives Lunalilo, Kalakaua, Liliuokalani, until finally included in the set of the U.S. colonies in 1900, and ratified as a state of the United States to-50, on August 21, 1959.

At the congress of 1993, President Clinton had to apologize to all ethnic groups of Hawaii, the extinction of the royal dynasty of Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the top tourist island in the world, the potential of natural beauty and marine tourism is "super beautiful" makes Hawaii renowned throughout the corners of the world.

Other famous people from Hawaii is Duke Kahanamoku, who is the inventor of the surf sports.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Hawaii :

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Best Tour Asia : Being Siamang experience in Laos

The Gibbon Experience is located in the province of Bokeo in northern Laos. Actually this is a conservation project that allows visitors to see the tropical rain forest from above. With the rigging system of interconnected and a tree house, visitors can explore the forest to see an endangered species, siamang (Nomascus concolor lu). Only in 1997, the gibbon is found again in the region. The main objective of this project is to protect nature conservation Bokeo while raising funds and reduce poverty.

Northern Laos was not a place you can go quickly. After a short trip using Lao Airlines, we arrived in Huay Xai. Chickens can calmly pecking at the grass airstrip. This is true of rural Asia. Looking at the four local people with skin redness out of the pickup with a smile made me aware, the next 48 hours will be filled with dirt, mud, sweat and a sense of relief.

When our car through the dust, the more we understand how important this project. Excavated mud, hills cut in order to build roads in the region. Laos was opened to the world, and one of the wild in Southeast Asia are threatened in the name of regional integration.

After a three hour drive and several hours of trekking, we were up to. This project originated from a series of tree houses that can only be accessed with a network of ropes. We belong to the tree house has four levels, full of food, daily necessities, unique toilet, and a bottle of lao lao to enliven the evening.

After receiving a brief safety lesson and a tour around the site, we were left alone. Our lives are now dependent on the ropes connective tissue.

Just once or twice to jump from the edge of the hill, you will be adept at using these ropes. Over time, you will glide faster because of the wind. Point in the distance it is your new home. Sound when you slide it sounds like a plane coming. You look around, just do not down, rain forest unfolds before.

It was like in a movie and you will not believe what's around. The thought seemed to drift out of your body and your question, is that right under the feet of the woods? What's next? You might expect a blue background, or views of the change, but now there are no photos for $ 10, that this is the actual experience and you're hanging high. You were at the height exceeds the top of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Without realizing it, you've spent all day accustomed to the lifestyle in the tree. Tourists are initially shy now been heard to shout, "Go, Stop, Clear" continues with a sliding sound that reverberated around the hills.

From the top of the canopy, you can see the extent of forest area that will protect you. There was no other human being who looks up to many miles, green with no limits. Even so, the animals in the forest to see additional new residents with curiosity.

At night, you might be worried about falling while sleeping. Naturally, if you feel uncomfortable to hear the sounds of trees falling in the direction of the high huts a few hundred meters from the ground. Fallen trees, broken branches, and all other sounds to make you aware, the forest was like listening to the album Meatloaf than Swan Lake tranquility. But actually it's still pretty quiet. Until some time ago, this area is still active as a place of operation of the trappers of animals (even the local police chief was still like to cut trees for personal use) and the wild life here is still not recovered.

Whether Gibbon Experience can really protect the future of the forest, still to be proved. But this is an ambitious project. During his stay there, we do not hear even a gibbon, although it is not too important. Staying on top of the tree truly a unique experience and you feel like a kid again. And for the first time, you are sure not to damage the place you go. For those who want to escape from the monotony of touring ads in Chiang Mai, this tour of the project and you're looking for.